WordPress FAQ plugin v1.5

This release of the WordPress FAQ plugin has some new features but it contains bug fixes and improvements for the most part. Please have a look at the detailed release notes and here are some of the feature highlights:

New Feature Highlights

The following new features are some of the additions to version 1.5 of the WordPress FAQ plugin:

Two beautiful new themes


Two new themes to use with your FAQ plugin. They are very well designed in all aspects and you will certainly enjoy them. You can modify them if you want to as well.

Custom fields for ask forms


You can add your own custom field on the ask forms to capture additional data from the users asking questions such as name, business, referrer, country, etc.

Sortable columns in admin sections


Sort columns the way you need it with the sortable column feature in admin sections. It simply makes the management of FAQs so much easier throughout the plugin.

WordPress 3.8+ compatibility and design


All aspects of the FAQ plugin’s dashboard has been revamped to better match the design of the new WordPress 3.8 appropriately. It also uses new, Dashicons to use the SVG images and match the color scheme you’re using.

WordPress roles API integration


Give certain user roles access to specific sections of the FAQ plugin. Your FAQ plugin has just become so much more flexible in the sense that you can have staff manage the areas that you want them to and stay out of the areas you don’t want them to be.

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Be sure to get this release of the WordPress FAQ plugin as it has many improvements.

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Existing Customers

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